There are moments when you should stop whatever you’re doing and take note of the world around you. This breathtaking sunset was one of those times. The police van double parked in front of me while I was watching the breathtaking sunset would have been another.


Being Frank

In addition to ton of experience in writing advertising in all of its forms, Frank has also written short stories about growing up in Brooklyn, a children’s book about not quite fitting in (a familiar subject), a couple of screenplays and the theme song to an off-beat quirky cultish late-night TV show in San Diego.

As a multi-instrumentalist musician,  Frank has done gigs from coast to coast and, backed up local luminaries all up and down Bleecker Street back when music clubs in the East Village were as common as pigeons in Washington Square, and still plays regularly, though not publicly.

Frank has also done freelance work for a host of music/record companies including Atlantic, EMI, Warner, and Sony.

He also likes taking pictures of the sunset through his kitchen window in Brooklyn. And hates referring to himself in the 3rd person.